I apologize for being so late to post, but I really enjoyed your presentation the day you came to our school and I knew I just had to come back and give you my sincere thanks :D!

To tell you the truth, you really gave me a sense of direction in applying for scholarships and steered me the right way.  Before your presentation, I was literally feeling lost.  There was a sea of scholarship information being thrown at me from every which way, and I didn’t know what to do with all of it and how to process it!  Sure I knew what scholarships were and that I should take my time to apply for them –but how exactly?, I kept wondering.

Thanks to you Simone, from the moment you stepped up to address the crowd of students to the warming ovation you received from us in the end, you gave our school a wealth of resources to access and AMAZING tips on how to apply for scholarships and win them, which was doubly emphasized since you yourself had gone through that exact process.  I must say that I was very impressed by how much effort you had put into your search for scholarships and how you were more than willing to show us the ropes as well.  You are a talented individual indeed, who strove above and beyond to reach your goals, and you have inspired me to do the same. 😊

On behalf of my school, David and Mary Thomson CI and myself, I wish you the best of luck in your later adventures of life and hope to see you continue to inspire others, as you have inspired me. 😀

Thanks for all your help, Simone!”


Grade 12 Student

David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute

Naheer (Grade 12 Student)

Last week Simone participated in our first annual Post Secondary Financial Aid Presentation, directed to the grade 11 and 12 students and parents of our school, Agincourt Collegiate. There were 5 speakers addressing the topic of the cost of post-secondary education and the different ways it could be financed. By far, the most informative and interesting part of the evening was Simone’s presentation on Scholarships. After captivating the audience with her relaxed manner and sense of humour Simone outlined her impressive credentials as a speaker on the subject, having won numerous scholarships in excess of $80,000. She continued by looking at how to access scholarships and what students should remember while filling out scholarship applications. Her hints and tips were extremely helpful and the students left at the end of the night feeling inspired about the prospect of winning their own scholarships. Simone has a talent for communicating to others and I would highly recommend her to you when planning similar functions.


Stephen Buck

Guidance Counsellor

Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Stephen Buck (Guidance Counsellor)

The only thing that got me out of bed today was Simone’s Aqua class.  Thanks for the motivation!


Simone should win an award for Most Outstanding Instructor!  Her Aqua Zumba class is so much fun.  She brings a lot of positive energy that is unlike any of the other classes.


“I am a lifeguard at movati atheletics. [sic]

I also have guarding most of the Aqua Zumba classes held here at Movati.

Today a lovely instructor named Simeon [sic] covered for [name removed] in her Tuesday shift.

 She came in to the room with a bright bubbly personality, great music, good relatable moves and her music cranked.

Seeing as I have seen the magority [sic] of the Aqua Zumba instroctors [sic] here at movati I will easily say that she is the best I have seen.

 I have also heard most of the normal complaints with Aqua Zumba. I can’t see her class having these same issues.

Every lady that left the class wanted to know when her land Zumba class is and if she will be teaching a Aqua Zumba class.

I just wanted to share this information with you.

If you haven’t allready [sic] you should stop in at one of her Aqua classes. 🙂 .”


You have a gift Simone.  You really do.  I can’t tell you enough what your class does for me!


Dear Simone,

My first ever exercise class has come to an end, but I am very thankful to you for making it such a positive experience.  I never dreamed I could ever enjoy exercise.  I felt like I was dancing for an hour, not exercising.  You made the class fun (and always appeared to be having a lot of fun yourself), and non-judgemental (I was free to move as I pleased as I followed you the best I could), and good for the self-esteem (I felt blessed to have a body healthy enough to take part in Zumba and healthy enough that I do not have the under-fed look).

You are a wonderful Zumba instructor and I will never forget this class.

Thanks so much for the wonderful Zumba classes!


Simone is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  Her Aqua Zumba class is theeee best! She incorporates positive body image and zero judgments.  She enables us to have a physical, mental and emotional workout.  I’ve been chronically ill forever and I feel ALIVE and HEALTHY and HAPPY in her class!  I was in a wheelchair and walker for six out of these last twelve months.  Simone S. is just the best.  I look forward every Thursday and Sunday for her classes.  You can tell she LOVES what she does!


Simone S.,

I was one of the new girls that took your Aqua Zumba class for the first time last week.  I did not know what to expect.

Your personality and energy blew me away.  But…it wasn’t until you started speaking that the lightbulb went off and all I could think was “Oh my God!  This woman is AMAZING!!

You are so much more than an instructor… you were like a motivational speaker… I had to actually fight from crying because you were THAT inspiring!  You emanate so much light and positive energy.

Your class helps us not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

I’ve been battling late stage lyme disease and fibromyalgia and more for 8 years.  Your class makes me feel alive, gives me hope and [makes me feel] like anything can happen.

I love what you said about leaving the judgments at the door!

You are changing lives for the better.

You are like the holy grail of Movati!  I feel on top of the world taking your class and I just wanted to say thank you just for being you.

I know if you inspired me that much in one day…you have got to be inspiring dozens of women.

Thank you for shining so much light into my world.

I hope you have a beautiful, amazing and inspiring day.


“Simone’s positive attitude and energy at Rock Bottom make me wish she taught more classes than Zumba and Rock Bottom.  She is awesome!”