Naheer (Grade 12 Student)

I apologize for being so late to post, but I really enjoyed your presentation the day you came to our school and I knew I just had to come back and give you my sincere thanks :D!

To tell you the truth, you really gave me a sense of direction in applying for scholarships and steered me the right way.  Before your presentation, I was literally feeling lost.  There was a sea of scholarship information being thrown at me from every which way, and I didn’t know what to do with all of it and how to process it!  Sure I knew what scholarships were and that I should take my time to apply for them –but how exactly?, I kept wondering.

Thanks to you Simone, from the moment you stepped up to address the crowd of students to the warming ovation you received from us in the end, you gave our school a wealth of resources to access and AMAZING tips on how to apply for scholarships and win them, which was doubly emphasized since you yourself had gone through that exact process.  I must say that I was very impressed by how much effort you had put into your search for scholarships and how you were more than willing to show us the ropes as well.  You are a talented individual indeed, who strove above and beyond to reach your goals, and you have inspired me to do the same. 😊

On behalf of my school, David and Mary Thomson CI and myself, I wish you the best of luck in your later adventures of life and hope to see you continue to inspire others, as you have inspired me. 😀

Thanks for all your help, Simone!”


Grade 12 Student

David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute