I love what I do and according to the testimonials below, I’m good at it as well.

The following are real testimonials from real people. Certain names and photos have been changed.

“Love Simone.  Her class is so fun.”


“When you came to ACI last year during my grade 11 year, you inspired me. I have always been passionate about scholarships, and your presentation gave me direction. Upon your advice, I started searching through the binders in the guidance and actually became quite obsesed [sic] with them. I then set off on the project to update all of the scholarships, and wanted to share this schlarship [sic] fever with everyone else, leading me to create and run the Debt-Free Graduates [club] at ACI. The presentation you gave [on October 26th] rejuvenated my motivation. Please keep doing what you do, because you have made a difference.”

Anjana (Grade 12 Student)

“Simone’s positive attitude and booty inspire me! #bootygang”


“Simone is my spirit animal. Love her.”

Anonymous (from Rock Bottom class)