“Love Simone.  Her class is so fun.”


“When you came to ACI last year during my grade 11 year, you inspired me. I have always been passionate about scholarships, and your presentation gave me direction. Upon your advice, I started searching through the binders in the guidance and actually became quite obsesed [sic] with them. I then set off on the project to update all of the scholarships, and wanted to share this schlarship [sic] fever with everyone else, leading me to create and run the Debt-Free Graduates [club] at ACI. The presentation you gave [on October 26th] rejuvenated my motivation. Please keep doing what you do, because you have made a difference.”

Anjana (Grade 12 Student)

“Simone’s positive attitude and booty inspire me! #bootygang”


“Simone is my spirit animal. Love her.”

Anonymous (from Rock Bottom class)