Stephen Buck (Guidance Counsellor)

Last week Simone participated in our first annual Post Secondary Financial Aid Presentation, directed to the grade 11 and 12 students and parents of our school, Agincourt Collegiate. There were 5 speakers addressing the topic of the cost of post-secondary education and the different ways it could be financed. By far, the most informative and interesting part of the evening was Simone’s presentation on Scholarships. After captivating the audience with her relaxed manner and sense of humour Simone outlined her impressive credentials as a speaker on the subject, having won numerous scholarships in excess of $80,000. She continued by looking at how to access scholarships and what students should remember while filling out scholarship applications. Her hints and tips were extremely helpful and the students left at the end of the night feeling inspired about the prospect of winning their own scholarships. Simone has a talent for communicating to others and I would highly recommend her to you when planning similar functions.


Stephen Buck

Guidance Counsellor

Agincourt Collegiate Institute