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Simone, The Curvy Cook


Dear Simone,

My first ever exercise class has come to an end, but I am very thankful to you for making it such a positive experience.  I never dreamed I could ever enjoy exercise.  I felt like I was dancing for an hour, not exercising.  You made the class fun (and always appeared to be having a lot of fun yourself), and non-judgemental (I was free to move as I pleased as I followed you the best I could), and good for the self-esteem (I felt blessed to have a body healthy enough to take part in Zumba and healthy enough that I do not have the under-fed look).

You are a wonderful Zumba instructor and I will never forget this class.

Thanks so much for the wonderful Zumba classes!


Simone is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  Her Aqua Zumba class is theeee best! She incorporates positive body image and zero judgments.  She enables us to have a physical, mental and emotional workout.  I’ve been chronically ill forever and I feel ALIVE and HEALTHY and HAPPY in her class!  I was in a wheelchair and walker for six out of these last twelve months.  Simone S. is just the best.  I look forward every Thursday and Sunday for her classes.  You can tell she LOVES what she does!