In-Person Personal Training

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Personal Training

Personal Training is great for those who want a personal, private, one-on-one, results-based session with an instructor.

I have a good understanding on what it takes to be a good personal trainer, having been a client myself.  I had a personal trainer during one of my summers home while I was in law school.  While my trainer was great, I soon saw a need for more trainers who took a body positive approach to training, as well as a need for a less intimidating approach to exercise.

That’s where I come in – your body-positive trainer.

I can help you reach your goals – whether athletic, weight-loss related, strength-related or for other personal reasons.  I, however, use a body positive approach to training.  While weight loss may be your goal, I will also challenge my clients to focus on other indicators of progress – how your clothes fit, body composition tests, body measurements and overall functionality.

If you want to train with me, feel free to get in touch.

Aqua Personal Training

In the near future, I hope to offer aqua personal training to clients interested in using the healing principles and resistance of the water to further their fitness goals.  Much like personal training, the client would work one-on-one with me as we work on strength, flexibility, cardio, fitness and/or rehabilitation.

The benefits of training in the water versus the land are many:

  • Water exercise is low to non-weight-bearing so movement that may hurt on land may not hurt in the water.
  • Water exercise is an effective method to train for mobility while protecting the joints using water’s natural buoyancy.
  • The fear of falling and hurting oneself is removed when training in water.
  • Water exercise provides greater freedom of movement and multidimensional resistance or buoyancy assistance.
  • Water exercise improves one’s ability to move and perform functionally on land.
  • Water exercise decreases swelling and offsets the tendency of blood pooling in the extremities (“venous return”).
  • Water exercise massages the body to improve removal of blood lactates, lessening the effect of delayed muscle soreness.
  • Water exercise easily competes with, and can exceed, land training benefits if the same amount of effort is put into both programs. Many individuals experience greater improvements with less pain and discomfort in the water.

Aqua personal training is for everyone – regardless of age, size, fitness or ability (swimming or otherwise).  Anyone and everyone can benefit from aquatic fitness.  That said, aqua personal training may specifically appeal to certain populations:

Older Adults

Aqua personal training is perfect for older adults, especially for those who have joint problems, injuries or have had joint replacements. It is an alternate method of training that is effective and less painful since the joints are cushioned by the water


Because of the low impact nature of aquatic workouts, aquatic personal training may be well suited to overweight/obese individuals and those who would prefer not exercising with a group of people.


Aquatic fitness and personal training is also excellent for those who are seeking to change their workout and challenge their bodies in new ways.  Modifying your workout can help one get over a weight plateau and/or prevent injury.

If aqua personal training interests you, feel free to contact me.