I have spoken at a variety of venues and to a variety of audiences — from kindergarteners to adults, at schools, summer camps, churches, gala events and weddings.

If you need a keynote speaker or mistress of ceremonies/host, I’m your gal!

Speaking Topics/Subjects Include:

  • Importance and Value of Education
  • Race Relations and Social Justice
  • How to Win Scholarships for University/Applying for Financial Aid
  • Overcoming Adversity, Setbacks and Failure
  • Body Positivity and Self Acceptance
  • Girl Empowerment
  • Size Diversity in Fitness
  • Fitness and Physical Activity
  • Church/Religious Issues (lifestyle, challenges, youth, religious liberty etc.)

The list above is not exhaustive.

I’ve also given presentations to high school students on finding and winning scholarships and they have found my advice invaluable.  Anjana, a grade twelve student who sat in one of my presentations said that she left my presentation inspired.

Naheer, another grade twelve student, also left inspired.  He told me that my advice helped him navigate the wealth of scholarship resources available:

“You really gave me a sense of direction in applying for scholarships and steered me the right way.  Before your presentation, I was literally feeling lost.  There was a sea of scholarship information being thrown at me from every which way, and I didn’t know what to do with all of it and how to process it!  Sure I knew what scholarships were and that I should take my time to apply for them – but how exactly? I kept wondering…”

Teachers and staff have also found my insight to be very helpful and have appeciated my seminars.  Stephen Buck, a guidance counsellor at another high school  where I spoke during their Financial Aid seminar, said that my segment was the “most informative and interesting part of the evening.”

It’s never too early to start preparing financially for your education.  I won my first scholarship in grade seven and I always advise students to begin their process of searching for scholarships as soon as possible — even as early as grade nine.  Contact me and I’ll tell you why. 😉

Again, the above list is not exhaustive.  I’m open to developing and speaking on any topic that would meet the needs of your event, organization and/or audience.

I love sharing messages of hope and inspiration with various audiences and I love educating people.  If you think that I would be a good speaker for your event or program or at your school or church or organization, I would love to work with you.  Contact me so we can discuss how we can work together.