My favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is to read and write.  If left to my own devices, the world would never see me.  Thank goodness I am seldom left to my own devices. 😉

Most of my writing can be found on my personal blog, with some limited writing (and more recipes!) on www.lifeafteroxtail.com.

I’ve also written for:

  • Collegiate Quarterly
  • Jamaican Gleaner (North American Edition)
  • Insight Magazine

I was also a contributing writer at the www.theRichest.com in the Business/Jobs and Salaries section, with a focus on legal careers. Additionally, I was a ghostwriter of blog articles on issues in personal injury law for a prominent law firm in Toronto, and I used to be the editor of my church’s monthly newsletter.

My essay “The Unpopularity of Being Plump in Popular Culture: A Case Study on Gabourey Sidibe” has been submitted for inclusion in the In Our Skin: Our Bodies, Our Stories anthology to be published in 2019.

All that said, I am available for and actively seeking freelance writing work.

I try to write with wit, humour, and an authentic voice.  It should be noted that my writing has not only touched my peers and colleagues — it has touched celebrities as well:

The blog post to Jeannie Mai makes reference can be found hereI subsequently wrote another post thanking Jeannie Mai and that post went viral (over 1000 shares on Facebook).

I’d love to put my creativity to work for your publication or project.  Let’s talk.