“I am a lifeguard at movati atheletics. [sic]

I also have guarding most of the Aqua Zumba classes held here at Movati.

Today a lovely instructor named Simeon [sic] covered for [name removed] in her Tuesday shift.

 She came in to the room with a bright bubbly personality, great music, good relatable moves and her music cranked.

Seeing as I have seen the magority [sic] of the Aqua Zumba instroctors [sic] here at movati I will easily say that she is the best I have seen.

 I have also heard most of the normal complaints with Aqua Zumba. I can’t see her class having these same issues.

Every lady that left the class wanted to know when her land Zumba class is and if she will be teaching a Aqua Zumba class.

I just wanted to share this information with you.

If you haven’t allready [sic] you should stop in at one of her Aqua classes. 🙂 .”